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Obuse mini Marathon blog
A race not of speed nor competition
But intended instead to take in the sights of Obuse
A run for the sheer fun of it, the Mini Marathon
A way for visitors to connect with our town
Enso = Performance (or, literally, 'Green Run')
Obuse welcomes 1.2 million visitors each year,
Equal to 100 times the local population
Not to the well-worn roads, the official highways
But to the embankments, the trails and back roads of our town,
Off the beaten path
See Obuse in its everyday garb
Soak up the scenery on a 21K journey of discovery.
Obuse Marathon Official Facebook page

■Lottery at Previous-Day Registration♪


This year we will hold a lottery for runners at the previous-day registration!
Thanks to the support of many companies and organizations, we have plenty of gift certificates, vouchers and more as prizes♪
Who knows what you will get♪

Also, some of the people performing along the course will come to perform at previous-day registration as well♪

They've been practicing their hardest to cheer on the runners, so come watch their performances♪

There are only 3 weeks left until the Obuse mini Marathon!
We look forward to seeing you all in Obuse!

Obuse Marathon Executive Committee
Staff and Volunteers

■To all runners


This has been a cold and snowy winter
but everyone should be waking up from hibernation now.

Today was the 7th Tokyo Marathon.
This year is the 11th Obuse mini Marathon.
We are entering a new decade.

In the snowy country, we'll start running,
without waiting for the snow to melt.

We apologize for the delay, but
the 2012 charity information is now available.

Obuse Marathon Executive Committee
Staff and Volunteers

■Bus Tours with Overnight Stay


Below is a bus tour plan complete with overnight stay.
A guide will support you along the way.
You can sign up even if you have already entered the race!
(Japanese only)

○Stay at the Matsushiro Royal Hotel!
○Breakfast (rice balls) provided on race day!
○A guide to provide support!
○Transportation to and from the start and goal areas!
○Enjoy an onsen bath after the race!
○A party will be held afterwards. Enjoy a free beer or soft drink!

Registration page

Departure:7/13 (Saturday)
Time: 1 night, 2 days
Guide: Included
Entry: 1 person and up
Fee (2-4 person room): 22,800 yen per person
Single room: Additional 6,000 yen
Operated by: Club Tourism "Chikyu o Hashiro!"
*See the website for details (Japanese)

■Entry closed


We reached our entry limit of 8,000 people at 18:00 today,
so we have closed entry for the
11th Obuse mini Marathon.

If you have yet to pay the entry fee, please
take care of it as soon as possible.

We will be waiting for you on race day!

Obuse Marathon Executive Committee
Staff and Volunteers

■Entry opening soon


11th Obuse mini Marathon
Entry opens on midnight,
October 10, 2012.

Click on the banner at the upper right
to check entry methods and enter.

This year in addition to internet registration
through Runnet and Sports Entry,
Sports Entry will accept
registration by telephone.

The start time will be changed to 6:00 as well.
We are planning to make adjustments to have
trains run from Nagano to Obuse an hour earlier too,
so you will be able to use them just like other years.

When you enter, please be sure to read the important points.
We'll be waiting for your entries!

Toyota U Group
高速道路料金、高速渋滞情報なら「ドラぷら E-NEXCOドライブプラザ driveplaza」
Shinano Keibi Hosho
Naganoken Kotsu Keibi
Kitano Construction Corp.